Oct 2, 2013

Autumn Greetings

Autumn 2007

Its seems everyone is excited about Autumn...I know I am. I have been to visit some of you and your decorating skills are wonderful. Its fun seeing the different styles of Fall decorating displayed.
Aren't holidays and change of seasons such a wonderful thing, they help us to take our minds off all that is wrong in the world and just have fun for a bit. I thank God for fellowship and celebrations. I do know that most of our  " holidays " began with pagan beliefs , but can't we take what Satan meant for evil and turn around and use them for good? Doesn't even the bible say that God does that very thing ? Consider the story of Joseph. If not for his enslavement...all of Israel would have been lost of starvation from a famine. The most important thing to me is that whatever we do, or however we choose to celebrate any day...anytime of the year...we as Christians should always be sure we give the glory to the one whom glory is due....the one and only true and living God! For it is from him that we have everything. So, I choose to celebrate most all the holidays, even Halloween ,while shunning the evil aspects of it, disregarding all the ghoulishness that comes with it, and celebrating the holiday as a time of harvest and thanksgiving for all the goodness we have been blessed with throughout the year. I like pumpkins..scarecrows and even big toothy Jack O Lanterns....I think that it is fine for young ones to dress up in silly, fun characters and have a good time collecting candy and treats door to door, if you live in a safe enough place to do so. I realize there are some who will disagree with my suggestions and that is perfectly OK..because we all think differently on somethings and at those times it is fine to  " agree to disagree " and not judge one another for our differences .

All the pictures below are from Autumn 2011........

My grands always look forward to popcorn balls and Carmel apples...I think last year I just made them up some treat bags though. Maybe this year I will give them the good stuff again  :)

I don't know how much decorating I will do this year , but I am sure on a good day...I will feel like doing a bit more than what I have already done, which isn't much :)  Then I will share some pictures with you here on my blog. In the mean time...I will be coming around and seeing how you all are decorating and celebrating the season....blessings, Shelley


Earlene Landis said...

Happy Fall Shelley!
Popcorn balls and carmel apples.....YUM

AuntLou said...

This is pretty much the way I feel, Shelly. After all, the cross was a symbol of disgrace and, well, downright horrible death, but Jesus made it beautiful. I am more cautious to center my celebrations around God than I was years ago.
Hmmm.. this is turning into a post. :) Enjoy Autumn!

marie said...

Happy Fall to you! We embrace the happy aspects of Halloween in our family too! I love seeing my grandbabies in their fun costumes...bet they'd love those popcorn balls! I haven't had one of those in years!!

Peggy said...

Great thoughts today and I agree completely. I love making all the holidays fun for my family. We can honor God in all we do. He knows our heart and intentions!

Emily Fay said...

Happy Autumn!

We do the same thing - we celebrate Halloween but shun the yucky part of it - it seems to get worse every year, but we keep it simple and enjoy the pumpkins and Fallish things associated with it. :) Your pictures, as always, are just lovely!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

This is a beautiful time of year and it is fun to celebrate. My grandson loves to go trick or treating and we love to see the fun that he has with it. I don't care for any gruesome or truly frightening decorations, costumes, etc. There are so many other choices that are cute and fun.

Your popcorn balls and caramel apples look so good! My Grandma used to make popcorn balls when we came to visit. You are making wonderful memories when you make those popcorn balls and caramel apples for your grands.