Nov 20, 2013


The season is really starting to show its colors around us now. I can look out my little kitchen window and see reds,browns, and even bright yellows that I can't remember ever being this bright in years past. So pretty....the trees are really showing out this my delight  :)

This time of the year really makes me even more thankful for my humble mobile cottage. Somewhere to nest and stay warm from the much colder nights and chilly days. Its a good time to keep a pot of  soup steaming on the stove and homemade bread baking in the oven. If my oven wasn't on the blink.

The cooler nights, can really make one appreciate a warm bed even more so than at any other time.

And a good book as well!

My daughter has her knitting needles working again, maybe she is working on someone a nice Christmas gift :)

That's me with my Chatty Baby doll...1963

This time of the year always gets me thinking back on holidays...many moons ago.

Makes me think happy memories of holidays , spent with Grandma and Papa, they are spending their holidays in heaven now.

I don't know about y'all, but these last two months of the Year, are always the most wonderful time of the year for me......blessings my dear friends, Shelley


janice15 said...

My dearest Shelley, I too often think of the past in this time of year... and I'am very greatful as well for the blessings that God has given me and my dear roof over my house.. I hope you are well and I have missed visiting you.. Blessings.. with love Janice

AuntLou said...

Such a great time of year. Something happened to clog my creativity pipes a bit, but I'm working on them. I feel so grateful, right through both months. :)

Earlene Landis said...

Shelley I am the same way, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I here certain Christmas tunes I go right back to that place and it make me smile and happy. Love your pictures.

Peggy said...

Yes it seems like that little cold snap we had last week really woke up all the colors in the trees. They are showing off down here as well. So pretty! I too am thankful for my little home and the warmth and comfort it provides.

Anonymous said...

That is great that the fall color is so beautiful these days for you! Enjoy!
You know... the photo of your Grandmother made me think so much of my Mom. It could have been her! She has been gone for over 41 years now... oh, I still miss her so but she too is celebrating in heaven and it is all good for her now.


Lily, WA, USA

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I hope your day has been blessed. And you're sure makes you think back to when you were a girl. What happy times! Sweet hugs to you, Diane