Nov 25, 2013

Thoughts on Advent

Advent 2011

This coming Sunday will begin Advent in my home. I only started observing this tradition a few years ago,but Oh, how I wish I had knew of this when my children were small. Our church doesn't teach advent, but I happen to think its a wonderful thing. It keeps one focused on the very true meaning of the Christmas season....tis Christ birthday celebration after all! I find myself getting more excited about putting together the advent wreath this year,more so....than putting up the Christmas tree. I have the candles ready, and while I laid in bed last night...I was thinking of just how I would to assemble it this year. I am adding a fifth candle ...the Jesus candle, which will burn all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I will be making sure it is in the form of a (circle)as well, representing beginning end...ever lasting...he was..he is, and always shall be! Father, son and Holy Ghost!

Advent 2010
Advent 2012
I am wondering, do you observe Advent in your home dear friend?  Blessings, Shelley


Mrs. G said...

A church I attended, several years back, practiced Advent. That is the first I knew of Advent. I loved the feeling of coming closer to Jesus, through candle lighting, because at the time I worked in retail, and there is nothing remotely close to Jesus in that line of work. I've never practiced Advent in my home, however this year, I am going to. I am sure I will have many questions from those, in my home, who don't understand and I will be the only one to participate, but that's fine...for now. Also, I am leading the very first ever, Advent season at my present church. I am excited about starting new traditions in my home, as well as my church home.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Deborah Hamilton said...

We have Advent in our home each Sunday of Advent. We use candles, too. I like how you have yours set up with the Nativity Set. That looks so nice. I enjoy lighting the candles. It makes me feel close to God and the real meaning of Christmas.

Emily Fay said...

I love hearing about traditions that are brought into the home and bring such a joy to the house and home! I hope you have a beautiful advent! *hugs*

AuntLou said...

Yes and no. :) I like to light a candle, then two, etc, each Sunday of advent. Since my son, who is in his twenties, often has to work on Sunday evenings and my husband usually has to be up early for work on Mondays, so goes to bed early on Sundays, I am usually alone. I really don't mind. I enjoy the quiet and the flame(s) in the dark.
I don't usually make a wreath. Last year I used different candles every Sunday. So, yes and no. :)

I love the pretty ways you have done yours.

Deb said...

I love this idea! Thank you for sharing! I have not celebrated Advent formally before but you inspire me to start. God bless you this Thanksgiving!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Yes my family has always celebrated advent at home and at church in the weeks before Christmas while we prepare and wait for the coming of the birth of our Lord. It is a wonderful time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. How wonderful that you have made it a tradition for your family.

xo Danielle

Peggy said...

Love the idea of a Jesus candle. Anything that helps bring focus on our Savior at Christmas is a wonderful thing!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Thanks for sharing. We did the Advent log for years and then somehow it went by the wayside. I love the idea of no-beginning, no-end circle.

Denise said...

Good Morning :) blessings upon blessings on this Thanksgiving Day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,

I haven't done an advent wreath for my home before but have made one for our church in years past. I am not too well this year and think that might be the one decoration I will do! Thanks for sharing the idea with me!