Jan 6, 2014

A Day in my Life

Most of my days are ordinary,nothing to much out of the normal. I don't try to follow some schedule,nor do I keep a housekeepers manual,are anything similar to that,but I do seem to have a bit of a routine in my day...that goes as such. When I first wake up,I do what most people do....I pay a visit to the bathroom and take care of all the necessities in there..I don't think I need to mentioned all those things....we all know what the bathroom is for,washing,toiletries and such...right? Hope I made you smile here,that was my intention  :) Anyhow...to get on with my day...I then go back to my bedroom,sit on the side of my bed,brush my hair,take my meds,make sure I have something warm on my feet (in the colder months),as my home is so cold in the winter. I am being honest here,rarely do I dress! If I am not leaving the house for the day...I tend to stay in my nightclothes! The only visitors I have in the day are mostly my kiddos are close friends. They don't mind me being in my granny nightgown,or one of my very worn house dresses...hope that got another smile from you. I sometimes have my devotional, bible reading,and prayer before I even get out of bed,if not I will do it at this time.

These house slippers were knitted by a blogging friend Twyla,  here....this red pair has since worn out! I am wearing a second pink pair now. They are wonderful for keeping your feet warm and cosy in the winter months!

It takes me a bit of time in the morning to get to going...lots of snap,cackle and pops,and I am not talking cereal here :) Its the old arthritis,along with another list of other ailments...that I won't be listing! The first chore I try and tackle is feeding,and watering my animal friends. Jessie,the two kitties,and our newcomer, Snowie, the Chihuahua. I leave the job of filling the bird feeders as needed for my neighbor daughter,whom also does the bulk of my housekeeping two days a week. (Big blessing there) I make myself a cup of coffee or two in the morning,but I am terrible about not eating something until around noon or later. This is one thing I hope to make a change for the better with, eating a good healthy breakfast! I like getting on line while I am having my coffee and doing what I do on here. My blog...your blogs...facebook...pinterest, checking emails, reading some news,weather,etc. I admit...I spend a lot of time on line. I am working on that area as well! I do whatever other chores are needed to be done,the ones that I am able to do...which sometimes includes sorting and weeding through household and personal stuff! At this time... I am once again sorting and weeding through my book shelves. I am now having to take Snowie out several times a day to do her business. Which at first I thought was going to be a struggle for me,but now I am thinking it could be a good motivation for me to move a bit more than I normally do,which will be a good thing! I also read,crochet....take tea in the afternoon,and almost always have a nap about midday. I just get sleepy everyday about that time,and if I am home, I will take a nap! Some days I do laundry,not any specific day..just when its needed. My daughter does most of the folding and putting away. I can still take care of cleaning the toilet and sink in the bathroom ,while my daughter tackles the tub for me. She takes care of the sweeping,vacuuming and mopping as well. I sit in a chair at the sink to wash my dishes,my daughter drys them and puts them away. Some days ,she does the washing as well,depending on how I am feeling at the time!
I can't get out in the yard much anymore,but I do go out onto the porch,or off the porch just a bit now and again. I don't do much cooking anymore at all. With just myself living at home now, I normally pop something in the microwave oven to heat and eat,or open a can of soup,etc. I try and keep some fresh fruit and vegetables handy as well. But... if I know you are coming,I'll bake you a cake  :)

In the evenings I will feed the animals again,have some supper myself..maybe a hot cup of tea..either read or watch a movie on DVD,then its time for prayers and goodnight again. Most my days are slow paced and easy,but it wasn't always so...I have raised four children,have worked in and out of the home,did all those things we mothers do, taking kiddos here,there,and it seems like everywhere,school,doctor,and dental appointments,etc..etc.. ,but as you know children grow,things change,bodies get sick and weaker,and sometime people go away..and then it comes down to just you,or maybe you and a pet or two. Such is my case,but I do have many loved ones and friends that keep my life far from being lonely....I am content. When I am able I get out and about with my children or a friend...that is always a good time,and then there is always church on Sundays,and bible study on Wednesday evening. I consider myself very blessed and thank the Lord for my life...just as it is! Thank you for letting me share a little part of my life here ...with all of you. Blessings,Shelley

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised. Psalms 113:3


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I enjoyed reading about how you spend your day. Those red and white knitted slippers look so cozy. You just inspired me to go and look for my flannel lined nightgown. I hadn't thought about it yet this winter. It is real pretty, pink satin on the outside and lined with soft flannel, and ankle length. I almost never wear it, though, because it's too pretty, and I am saving it. I don't know what I am saving it for, come to think about it! It was just too pretty to wear around the house and get stained, but where else am I going to wear it?

It is so cold here -4 degrees and 12 inches of snow. Usually I am plenty warm, if not downright hot; but tonight I am wearing a long sleeve heavyweight tee with a sweater over that and a head scarf around my neck, thick slacks, a pair of slipper socks with slippers over them, and I still have a chill on me. Even my husband is cold in here, and he is always immune to temperature changes. I have a bad knee and find it really difficult to get around in this much snow. So I am hoping to be able to stay home while this snow is on. I've been distracting myself with thoughts of spring and summer. I ordered some patty pan squash seeds from a seller on etsy. I am dreaming of planting them on some balmy spring day.

This cold weather is not too fun. Every three or four hours, my husband goes out and starts the car and lets it run for a while to warm it up. We have an older car and no garage. Last night when it was -8 degrees it had a hard time starting, but finally did. This is deadly cold weather. St. Louis has many homeless people and many shelters have opened for them to get in out of the cold. I am thankful for my little house and our old furnace that clicks on every few minutes.

Stay cozy!

AuntLou said...

Thank you for this glimpse of your day. Bless you for your attitude of gratitude. :)

Mrs. G said...

Shelley, I felt right at home reading your post. You are very blessed, indeed, to have a daughter who willing helps you. Most adult children are too busy with their own lives. Thanks for posting this. I think I will do a similar post, soon.

Grace & Peace

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I always love to come by your blog for a visit. The slippers look very warm.

Carolyn said...

I enjoyed reading a little snippet of your daily life. I do believe your little Snowy will help you in so many ways. Just getting up and moving a little bit each day will be so good for you. And Snowy will give you the most wonderful unconditional love and companionship in return.
Have a great week!