Jan 1, 2014

MORE ABOUT ME.....2014

I am making no resolutions in 2014,and really haven't ever in the past..seriously anyway  :)
However, there are some things I wish to do differently and some things I would like to change in my lifestyle,but mind you...they are not resolutions...just goals..I hope to accomplish! One such thing is something I have already been working toward for a couple of years now. Which is....Simplifying my home and life. You may think.....Wow...how much more simpler does she want to go?


Here is a list of some of the things I have done in the past two years to simplify my life.

1. Weeding stuff from my home...lots of it over the past two years. I really wish I would have taken inventory,because I know it was a bunch.
2. I stopped watching all secular television in my home almost two years ago now. I do watch TV a bit when I am at my parents home,but what they watch is pretty much harmless  :)  This choice has been a wonderful decision on my part,and truly I felt led of the Holy Spirit to do so. It has made my home so much more serene,quiet and pleasant,not to mention all the trash that hasn't been allowed into my heart and mind.
3. THIS IS A BIGGIE....WORKING DAILY to change my thought patterns...seeing the "less as more" idea. Seeing good in the" not so good "situation. Trying to shed the feeling of dread,and embrace each day...One day at a time! Trusting God that nothing is going to happen to me or my family that God cannot handle....giving God total control,because he has ultimate control of everything...my worrying or complaining does no good whatsoever. Some things I have no control over...they can't be fixed by me....no matter how hard I try....in these situations the best I can do, is pray for God wills to be done. I am not responsible for any ones choices or sins,except my own. Trying to be content with how God chooses to bless me, being thankful for being blessed with the bare necessities in life....so many are not! I could go on and on here,but I won't  :)
4.Spending less money which means buying less stuff.
5. If I do make a purchase and bring something into my home...other stuff must soon leave!
6. If possible buying clothes,household needs,and other items secondhand....saving lots of $$.

That's just a few I am trying to follow,but I plan to add more this year.

My daughter Regina gifted me a book for Christmas...I started it this morning as it is in the form of a daily devotional. I am going to enjoy this book along with my bible every morning,and hope to gain insight from it. One goal to add....putting first things first....and God at the top! Not just some days,but everyday.

My youngest daughter Kathy,gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card and let me choose my own books. This one below I purchased ,and am half way through it already. I have shed some tears reading this one......

Does this picture below speak to you? If so,then just maybe there's a call for more simplicity in your life as well.....I intend to embrace my calling to live the simple life more fully in 2014.



Deb said...

Hi Shelley - I love these goals. You have given me a lot of food for thought since I need to make some goals in these areas as well. Thank you. Both of those books you are reading look awesome. Going to look for them. Thanks and Happy New Year!

Roses around the door... said...

Beautifully written :)

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What wonderful goals. Shelly, you are such an inspiration to me,
Love your new books. They sound so good..

DollZandThingZ said...

Worthy goals. I like the word "goal" rather than resolution. Don't forget to take care of yourself and love yourself, too. Happy new year! May it be filled with goodness!

Anonymous said...

Hello Shelley
I too, want to simplify my home. I have always been a fan of simply furnished homes: I find that clutter 'messes with my mind' and makes me depressed/irritable. However, I also appreciate visiting homes with lots of Victorian style décor, although I know I couldn't live with that style of decorating.
Sometimes I feel that I just want to strip back to basics and live in a harmonious neutral coloured home with just a few natural pieces of furniture. Trouble is, my lovely husband wouldn't agree! :)
Still love visiting your blog.
Kay, England.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shelley :0) Your goals sound simple and doable. Give it to Our Lord and the fear will dissipate. I like your home...so cozy and warm. By the way, the picture does speak to me. Simplicity is God's blessing to all of us.

Karen Andreola said...

I can sympathize with your goals, Shelly. They are very good ones. Thank you for sharing your heart.

I too need to be conscience of not slipping into anxiousness over stressful or fearful things out of my range of influence - such as medical treatments - and trust my Heavenly Father.

A mix of soft neutral shades and colorful accents - a sort of happy compromise - is what I find calming and yet interesting; some pattern (in a patchwork pillow or painting or curtain) a little texture (in a knitted or quilted item). We've started "editing" the stuff in our house this January so I've been encouraged by your goals.

Carolyn said...

I have been working on this for the past 8-9 months and have made a lot of progress.
I wish you much success with your endeavors. Living simply is so worth the effort!