Apr 7, 2014


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today is my daddy's birthday,we celebrated yesterday at my brothers home on the lake. The weather here has been cold and rainy the past few days so,most of our time was spent indoors. My dad is 84 today,I feel so blessed to still have him with us. And my mama too. Life is precious,we should not take one day for granite. Just in the past few days two friends have gone to be with Jesus? While I am so sad for their loved ones left to grieve.......I am trying my best to be happy for their souls....home at last for eternity with God! The way of the redeemed!

My daddy and I, once upon a time. I was very shy as a child. Very shy!

And tomorrow,the 8th will be my eldest birthday. Regina will be 39....now that is so very hard for me to believe. If you are a mama of grown children,then you fully understand :-)

In my mind she will forever be like this.....

Happy memories..... good times with these two that mean so very much to me.

Blessings dear friends.....God is good.....all the time


Mrs. G said...

Beautiful post, Shelley. I definitely know what you mean about having grown children. Time just flies by and before you know it they are no longer pulling at your apron strings.

Happy birthday to your wonderful Daddy and beautiful daughter.

Grace & Peace

marie said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy and Regina!! I hope they have wonderful days!
Love that photo of you and your Daddy...it's frame worthy for sure!

AuntLou said...

All the time, God is good! :)
Glad for you.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy and daughter! I hope you are having a wonderful week my friend. I posted dollies today and thought of you! Hope you can come by to play! Sweet hugs, Diane

Sharon said...

Kind of makes me teary-eyed. We are about in the same boat age-wise. My daddy is also 84. My oldest is 30, so 8.5 years difference there. :-)

Karen Andreola said...

"She will forever look like this . . . " is often how I feel. I'm stuck in time when it comes to my children on one hand - and on the other hand I am glad for their friendship now as grown adults.
I like your attitude and idea of celebrating those who are with us when we are sad about those who have left.