Jun 11, 2014


I spent half of the day sorting through paper collections from over the years yesterday.  Birthday cards, tax paperwork , letters, mementos from all occasions.  Some were tossed out, some were set aside for my children.  I also went through a storage box I had stored under my bed, filled with miscellaneous items.  More things set aside for my new friend the shop owner.  Then I sorted through another midsize storage box of loose photos, tossed some of those as well. Others, I gave to my daughter. Cleaned out the drawers in my dresser, yes, all that took me at least half of the day. The work bought about a feeling of accomplishment for my spirit, but was my body exhausted!  Next job, sorting through my linens.



Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

So happy for you , that you got so much sorting done.. Always makes us feel better.. [Be careful , don't over do... take care of yourself.]
I need to do some closet cleaning too..Hopefully soon.

AuntLou said...

Go, Shelley! Now, rest, Shelley! :)

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Shelley,
Papers and paperwork have to be theeee most exhausting task around!!
Looks like you are on a roll!! ;-D

Carolyn said...

You go girl! I love that feeling of accomplishment! But I also know that feeling of exhaustion normally follows. LOL!

I think you have covered the hardest part of organizing....the paperwork!

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. Now I hope this will publish. :o)

Carolyn said...

Yay! It worked!

Barbara Neubeck said...


De-cluttering and organizing is Addictive!!

Wonderful work Shelley...

I've become addicted to sorting and tossing out the 'extras' not needed in my house... it's become FUN... I belong to a FB group called in8TOSS challenge and we Toss at least 8 things every day to charity, family and friends. I love it...

Hugs and Blessings ..
Barb xxx

Debra said...

Hello! Thank you so much for your visit! I can see you love Amish life-my hubby and I live near a community of Amish and Mennonite folks-we see buggies often.
Hope your cleaning is going well-that's something I need to do as well!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I like sorting and going thru things but it is tiring.

marie said...

So happy that you've been able to get through some sorting...I know how much you want to simplify your life! One step at a time dear Shelly! What a blessing some of the things you're sorting through must be to your daughters. I'm sure they must love having bits of their mama's past.