Aug 2, 2014

Above All....he is!

I love my family,they are most precious to me. I love my friends,kindred spirits that share my life,my ups my downs,for them I am grateful too. I like having things of necessity,those things we just cannot seem to live without. I'm grateful for clean water, food, clothes and a home....necessities! I enjoy also other things that are not so necessary,but still nice to have around, things that make you happy...make you smile just to have them near....blessings.... though not necessarily needful. Like my books, or my dolls, this computer or my tablet, my crochet needle ,and more!  I admit, I do enjoy these things...these extra little blessings! Yet... in saying all this.....God is before....God is first! He is....he must be! Without  him...nothing else matters...truly. I have been tested. I know in my life, he is first.  Without him I am nothing, but through him I have my life, my breath, my strength to press on in the mist of trials, when my flesh is weak...he makes my spirit to soar with eagles wings....I mount to the skies. I do....because of who he is!

Because he is first....he loved me first....despite of loves me. I love him too.....he is my everything! I confess....In life...he is...above all.

Blessings to you all my friends


Valerie said...

Just lovely. I've always been fond of that little illustration at the top.
Have a great weekend sweet Shelley.

Linda S said...

Thank you for sharing this Shelley. Sometimes I need to be reminded that He is above all.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

He is our everything. Beautiful words...thank you for this.


The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

AMEN lovely said!
Love Linnie

Deb said...

So true. Well said. Have a great week!