Oct 18, 2014

Sewing Lessons

Today one of the grans had a birthday party, shes going to be 10 in a few days, but we celebrated today. I started at the first part of the week making her gift. I made her a cute book bag, or whatever kind of bag she may want it to be. I didn't follow a pattern, and took little pains with it. What I do, I do as simply as I can. If it starts to overwhelm me, then I'll never get it finished.  I thought it turned out pretty well, and Dakota seem to like it. I'm hoping to be using my sewing machine a little more......sewing some doll clothes etc.

This is my daughter Regina modeling the bag for me after I was finished with it.

Working with patterns has always been a challenge for me. This sweet Patsy doll below is a doll my daughter Regina gave me years ago.  I've always wanted to sew some outfits for her. I'm hoping I'll get the courage to try soon. I've wanted to make a companion doll of her. I will share more about that in another post, at another time.

Google image
Isn't this sweetie wearing a cute little frock?

Google image

I have a wee little 6 inch Patsy too. Sewing her clothes may be a great challenge for me.

I guess time, patience , and practice,  will tell. Blessings my friends


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What a beautiful bag..Love that fabric..
Best wishes with your sewing your doll clothes.. [wish I lived close by..you and I would be sewing buddies and have so much fun.ha].. Shelly, take it one seam at a time, and start with a simple pattern, an easy dress. Have fun.

AuntLou said...

The bag looks good! I love my Patsy dolls. I like yours, too. Is that compo Patsy yours? I'm not sure I've ever seen one like her. :)

Scrappy quilter said...

The bag looks great.

marie said...

Cute bag Shelley...my grand girls love bags! You can never have too many!!

Good luck with the "tiny" sewing projects. I get overwhelmed with that kind of sewing too...love Judy's comment! "One seam at a time..."

Denise said...

A great hobby You're into. I love the bag.Keep sewing Shelly,You're so good at it.

Denise said...

A great hobby You're into. I love the bag.Keep sewing Shelly,You're so good at it.

Corey Moortgat said...

I just love Patsy dolls- I don't have one, but one day! I've sewn my fair share of doll clothes- they're a little difficult because they're so small, but at least the dolls don't need to actually "move" around in them, so they're a bit forgiving!