Nov 8, 2014


That reads contentment to me!

I sent a lot of stuff out the door of my little mobile home/cottage today. Even two large pieces of furniture.  This chest below is going to my daughter's home.


And this vanity as well.

Not to mention all the other stuff that left. I am almost down to those last four dolls. Some persons are getting quite concerned about my giving up so much, but really I'm not having any regrets . One friend even thought something serious must be wrong with me. Did you ever feel you needed to do something and couldn't really explain why?  All I know is , I just feel the need to weed, and at this just feels right to me. I believe somewhere down the road I'll see there was a good reasoning for my years of weeding. I'll look back and think,....This was the reason for my letting go, and , "letting go" has been a big thing for me this year, in more ways than one. If you remember ......I shared with you all about my divorce from my husband after almost 40 years of marriage.  I have been weeding some things materially and emotionally .

I guess in some ways it could all tie in together. I'm not trying to figure it all out really...just following how I'm seeming to be led.  I know the one I follow won't lead me astray. I'm trusting him 100 percent. 

I am content. Maybe more so than ever!

Blessings my friends


Scrappy quilter said...

A wonderful post. I weeded just over three years ago and then found our family moving to our present location. When God leads we follow. It was the best time in our lives and remains so to this day.

Mary said...

Just like a flower bed needs to be weeded to allow the flowers to grow ~ we sometimes need to 'weed' our lives so we may continue to grow. Wishing you a blessed SonDay.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Jack and I have gotten rid of a lot since 2011. a whole shed full, lots of furniture and knick knacks, Felt good afterwards but I was so afraid of letting go at first!

Peggy said...

Contentment really is the best place to be. Continued blessings!

Mrs. G said...

I feel the need to weed a few things, as well. I seriously need to do this in my kitchen. I don't even know what I have in some of those bottom cabinets since I can no longer get down there to see. We are planning on having a garage sale and everything that I haven't used recently will go in it. I have found the older I get the more I dislike clutter!

Grace & Peace.

marie said...

Love the quote you shared!
I totally understand your desire to "weed"...that's where we're at in our home right now. Too much stuff is just cluttering my mind these days!
Love the comment that Mary made here.