Dec 9, 2014

A Great Start for a Good Week.

Sunday after church my girls, my friend Betty, and some of the grands went on the Christmas Tour of Homes in our local area. We had a lot of fun, and got inspired by what we saw. One home was like a southern mansion, really beautiful, but to much over the top for this "simple life loving" lady  ;)
But it's always fun to see how others live, decorate, etc.

Betty and I

A couple of my favorite things.

Teddy bear tree, with an S on it :)
And this beautiful nativity.

My girls and I.
 Kathy, Regina and my DIL Kristy.

 The boys found a black bear on the prowl.

Jaxon and Tristan
 Then they came upon Santa taking a bath.....hehe

Me and my Sweetpea, Jalyn

We ended the day by visiting a couple of elders from our church family that are now living in a nursing home.  That was a bit bittersweet for me. These ladies have been mentors and a great example to me over the years of what it means to be a true woman of faith. Now, they are so near to their end of the race, but oh, the rewards that await them in heaven.

Sis. Wilshire, middle.

Sweet Sis Arber

It was a blessed start of a new week. I pray your week is blessed as well. I'll be leaving in the morning to go stay with my parents for the rest of this week. Gonna share some Christmas fun with them. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful memories Shelley... mari

Emily Bingham said...

It is indeed a blessed start to your week! Loved seeing your photos! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Shelly.. what lovely fun you girls had.. I love touring the homes at Christmas.

The nursing home is a sad thing. My husband goes every Sunday and teaches Sunday School.. We have been doing this for 2-3 yrs. Such a blessing, and we have some sweet'sweet friends.. So sad, to see them come and go.. but as you said...What a great reunion we all will have one day..

Mrs. G said...

What a wonderful day! I hope you have a great time with your parents!

Grace & Peace.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sounds like a very good week!

Anonymous said...

Yes! What a wonderful start to your week!

Have a great time at your folks and see you when you get home!

I took cookies to a nursing home today to give to my long time neighbor who is 95 year old and so much fun. She is a lovely Christian, too, and has a lot to look forward to! All of us Believers do!

Blessings you, dear Shelly.


Barbara Neubeck said...

.... what a wonderful day you had Shelley... a truly great start to the week..... full of love, family and friends...
Hugs and Blessings... Barb xx

Denise Adorian said...

You seem to have the sweetest of times with Your family Shelly.I love the nice outings You go on.I hope You have a blessed Holy Week before Christmas Sweet friend-Denise

DollZandThingZ said...

How nice to be with friends and family...and having fun, too. I think Jalyn has your beautiful smile! Have fun with your parents!

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

What a great day!
Shelley you look so cute and pretty next to the buggy and the dress seems to match the scene! Very becomming!
It is always so nice to see you with your girls! You are very blessed!!
Many many blessings warmth love and hugs,xx oo Linnie

Marqueta G. said...

Dear Shelley,

What a nice way to start the week! I think it's wonderful that you went and visited the sisters from your church; nursing homes need lots of visitors! You are such a sweet blessing to others, especially your family.