Jan 1, 2015

Made it.......2015


Happy blessed new year to all of you. I am home today, its cold and rainy outside, but inside its comfy and warm. Sometimes life is that way isn't it?  Outside, all around things seem dark, cold , lonely...evil lurking all about us , bad things happening day after day, but inside, within myself (home), I am secure, full of hope, love,contentment.  Thats what I want for this new year, to keep my eyes, mind and heart focused on the good, the lovely, the just, honest, and  pure in this life. I hope to see good first. I hope to learn from bad circumstances that may prove to be obstacles in my path. To be made richer in the things that really matter and to let go, and LET GOD in those situations that I have no power over, and really don't matter anyway! I want to stop creating mountains from Moe hills. To trust God more, that he can and will move any mountains that stand in the way of him fulfilling his will for my life. I want to heal completely from past hurts and finely be strong enough to share openly with others about how I was able to survive those hurts and became a stronger woman because of them.  That I was able to endure only through my faith in God and my belief that everything happens for a reason and that God truly is working all things out for my good. I want to overcome depression. I want to feel happy and joyful, fulfilled in whatever life I have left.  I want to make a difference in the lives of others.  Those you are suffering , those that are walking through valleys that I have already crossed. I want to stand on the other side and cheer them on as they are struggling to get through to the other side of those deep, dark valleys. To let them know its possible, for I am living proof, but only by God's grace! This is what I want for 2015. I may only make a start, but a start is a start and with God's help if not this year, then the next, or the next.....or the next, then ..........I may succeed. And if I succeed then I shall be successful in achieving what I wanted and asked God's help for. May my life glorify him. May others see me, but see Christ in me. May he increase and I decease.  May I be more like Christ in 2015.



Anonymous said...

amen...have a blessed 2015 together with your love ones...

Scrappy quilter said...

Great start to a New year.