Oct 25, 2007

~Meet "Duke"~

A few days back I mentioned to Becky (Sweet Cottage Dreams)after she did the most sweet post about her little Mr. Doggs, that we had a Boston Terrior(Duke). I told her in my comment that I may do a post about him so, this is for you Becky ! Duke has been a member of this family for going on nine yrs. now. We brought him home when he was just five weeks old. He is about the most rotten dog one has ever seen, thanks to my husband ,who refers to him as "Little Buddy"! He is a smart dog and minds a lot better than some of the kids. When my husband is at work he is a very behaved little dog. When "Daddy" gets home he thinks he doesn't have to listen to me any longer. He will sit up and speak for his treats and he loves popcorn and will catch everyone I toss him.He is really quite the character.

~Duke, sitting up for you~

Here are some of the Boston Terrior things we have aquired over the years.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Duke ! Have a wonderfully blessed day, Shelley

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