Oct 7, 2007

~Making a Tea Cozy~

Directions for making a cute tea cozy, from" Old Fashion Living"
Here is a pretty little tea cozy to dress up your table when company comes.
You will need: Fabric scraps thin batting lace for outer edge (optional) 6" ribbon DIRECTIONS:Measure your tea pot for height and width.
Add 1 1/2" to each measurement. These two measurements constitute the size of your tea cozy.
Cut two pieces of pretty print fabric the size of your measurements.
Cut two pieces of plain fabric the same size for lining.
Cut two pieces of thin batting or old towelling the same size for middle.Layer 1 batting on bottom, 1 print fabric, right side up and 1 plain fabric.
Stitch along bottom edge using 1/2" seam allowance.
Trim seam allowances and flip plain fabric to opposite side.
Press lightly.
Repeat layering and sewing for other side.
Lay saucer on layered fabrics, in one corner then the other, tracing around to round off top corners.
Cut off excess fabric.
On right side of one layer, place lace with raw edges even with raw edges of fabric.
Pin easing lace around curves carefully.
Tuck ends under to wrong side.
Lay right sides of cozy together.
Sew around three sides using 1/2" seam allowance and catching in lace as you go.
Trim edges of fabric layers to 1/4".
Turn right side out and push out corners gently.
Add loop of ribbon on one side at top for pretty handle.

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