Oct 3, 2007

~Old Fashion Living~

Today I want to share a very unique website with you. It is called
"Old Fashion Living"http://www.seedsofknowledge.com/. This place has scores of information from crafting to cooking, making tea and holding tea parties, gardening and much , much more. You will want to go take a look for yourselves! I first discovered it when we held our little girls tea party at church and I was looking for information on Teddy Bear Tea's. I found it to be very informative and used some of their ideals. I like to live simply and always have. Even more so in years passed than now ! It has just always been part of my life to make gifts when there was no money to buy them , to wash clothes out by hand when I had no means of a washer. I have even cooked our meals outside over an open fire before , because we had no cook stove are gas to burn one. I never begrudged these things, I just simply did what I had to do ! I have had to live very primitively in the passed and looking back I was learning some valuable life lessons. Life is just what you make it ,no matter the circumstances around you. That is how I apply it to myself anyway. Saying all that I will leave you with some Old fashion ,and fun pictures to look at !

~Fun Pictures~ ~Miss Lady~
~My daughter ,Regina raised this squirrel from just a nestling, he had lost his Mom~

Thank you all for dropping in, Blessings, Shelley

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