Nov 5, 2007

We have one of the nicest little library's in the next town, over from ours, that I love to visit from time to time.I payed a visit there this passed Monday and checked out some lovely books, I thought I would share with you. It's a little brick building with pane windows and a fire place and big comfy chairs that sit around it. In the winter months they keep a fire lit in the fire place and it's so relaxing to go and sit there with a good book. I have been coming to this little library off and on since I was young and my children were very small.I have always found it to be a place that offered me much quite and solitude. It's a lovely place to visit and has alot of history about the family who donated it to the community. There was a father, mother, and a little son which have all since passed. The child was seven and died of leukemia then the mother died a few years later of cancer and the father not to long after. Very sad story ! Their home still sits in town and is just as they left it so many years ago. The little boy's pajama top is still lying on the bed from the night he was carried to the hospital , never to return. The home and estate serve as a foundation now and benefit many people. I understand the family had no living relatives on either side. Hope you enjoy the pictures and visit again soon.


~I love books about history ,and I have always been fascinated by Queen Victoria~

~This book has the neatest "Tiny Houses"~I was really taken with it.

~Cottage Style~

~Some of my favorite pages from this book~

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