Dec 24, 2008

~Becky's Christmas Home~

Remember my friend Becky whose home I visited for the first time last Christmas? Well,she invited us back again this year,and I couldn't have been happier. She is the sweetest hostess,and admiring all her vintage Christmas memorabilia is such fun! I went with my DD Regina,and our friend Betty. Becky fixed us a very nice little brunch,and her table was set so sweet! She made us feel so special. I couldn't have felt more welcomed in her home. She is so talented in setting up the some unique vignettes. I am afraid my pictures do not do them justice. I wasn't please that they didn't turn out to clear,but I believe you will be able to get a good ideal from them just how wonderful Becky's sweet home is. It was very nice and cosy with her wood burning stove all aglow. Thank you so much Becky,if you are reading,for inviting us to visit. It was just one more thing that made my Christmas so special this year!

Do come back and visit again ,Marie from "Spun by Me" send me the sweetest gift this week,Just because! I was so surprised and happy with it. I will share it with you soon. Also,I have much more pictures of Becky's Christmas home that I will be posting on another post as well. I just want to say to all of you,my dear blogging friends,that you all have blessed me so much and truly enriched my life in so many ways . I pray you all have the most blessed Christmas day you can have ,and receive lots of Christmas love from family and friends as you celebrate our dear Savior's birth. The greatest gift there ever was,and ever shall be!
Blessings to you all.... Love,Shelley

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