Oct 31, 2008

~Happy Halloween~

No Fridays doll show today...but wanted to wish all my dear friends a safe and happy Halloween! Hope you have a lot of fun with friends and family and get lots of goodies,but no mean tricks....

As a Christian I realize some people have there own opinion of how, are if ,we should celebrate the Halloween holiday. I have been a Christian for many years and I believe that as Christians we should represent Christ in every area of our life's. In every situation. In celebrations of any kind we should always try and glorify Christ. I personally see no wrong or sin in celebrating Halloween. The word Halloween itself means "ALL HALLOWS EVE". With Nov.1st. being "All Saints Day"(a day set aside to honor the dead Saints in Christ)but I do think when celebrating Halloween we should do in it a matter which represents good and not evil. A time to give thanks for the harvest of good things from God in the way of crops and foods and gatherings of his bountiful blessings toward us. If you choose to celebrate with a festival or "Treat or Treating" or the like just remember that even in the event of Halloween we can find a good occasion to witness and let others know about the great sacrifice of Christ and how he concurred death, hell, and the grave for us .With so much evil in the world today sometimes its very hard to recognize the good in any occasion but when you choose to see through spiritual eyes rather than fleshly ones the good is so much easier to find. Some people always strain the find evil but I choose to look for that which reflects light. Hope you have a great time of fun and fellowship this Halloween and remember all those Saints who were martyred for the sake of claiming Christ as their Savior ! What examples were they !


Have a great weekend............................................

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