Oct 26, 2011

In My little Basket.....

Basket ....
A container made of twigs, rushes, thin strips of wood, or other flexible material woven together.

I like baskets...they are pretty,useful and works of art in my opinion. I have a quite a few but,am just sharing these today. All the ones you see in this post have been found at thrift stores,garage sales or flea markets.
They are always very cheap.....don't think I ever pay over a 1.99 for one.

Cute Christmas basket,with jingle bells.

This one sits on top of my refrigerator and keeps my bread,chips,etc. 

Hanging from the ceiling of my mobile home.
 If you are very tall you will bump your head on these...smile.

Even the bottoms can be pretty.
One thing I like about baskets is they are not only nice to look at but,they come in quite handy when needing to carry something. They have been around for centuries and I don't see them ever going out of style. I prefer the older ,vintage,antique ones but,there are a lot of nice modern ones out there too.

The next three pictures are from google images.....




Now for a little poem...written by me.

In my little Basket.

I will take my little basket and a gathering I will go...Reaping earths bounty,the blessings God bestows. Flowers in Spring,bright leaves in Fall....in Winter I will gather pine cones to hang from my Christmas Tree so tall. No need to go spending money on something false...take your basket and go shopping in God's bounty...where there isn't any cost. 

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