Oct 27, 2011

Off my Porch.....

Yesterday I took my cane got off the porch and took a little stroll around the yard and to the edge of the woods. If you like you may follow along with me, Lets go! Just off the porch is this little flower garden box above. The mums my mama gave me last fall. I had my son replant them and they are blooming this year.
The plant below is some kind of moss that came up voluntary. It's pretty and has little yellow blooms on it.

This is my neighbor daughter's chicken pen and that little rooster you see is Fetus...he is quite the character. He thinks he is as big as everybody else. He rules the roost..smile.

This is Sedum... I have planted in an old washtub. It is usually much prettier than this but,the hot summer took its toll on it. Plus,my son ran over the tub with his truck and uprooted it some....boys!

 This guy is my daughter's Tom Turkey...Thanksgiving is his name but,he isn't for dinner. He is her pet! His wife's name is Christmas and she isn't for dinner either...smile. He is huge,about two feet tall.

He fluffed his feathers for the picture.

Our woods,there is close to five acres of just what you see...woods. 
And this is my home...such as it is....chippy paint and all! And my broken down van....when so many have no home at all....I feel very blessed for this home of mine. I do hope some day to make a few improvements. There have been many over the years to be sure. And still I may move at some point. As they say...time will tell. So that is my walk....thank you for joining me.

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