Oct 15, 2011

Prayer Request and Colonial Times....

Colonial home...found from Goggle images.

I will be away from home a few days spending time at my parents home again. My mama is having surgery Monday morning to repair a hernia. My daddy is doing so wonderfully after his knee replacement surgery and walking better than he has in years. I am trusting the Lord that my mama will have a quick recovery as well. I am asking for prayer for her that all goes well in surgery and there are no complications.

I also wanted to share something with you all that I put together...I found this candle holder a good while ago at GW. It was brown and I spray painted it black. The hanger I purchased from Walmart in the garden center. Last night while shopping for groceries I finely remembered to buy some colonial candles for it. So this is how it turned out. I have it hanging over my little kitchen table.

 I have seen similar ones and they can be quite expensive...I like this one. It suits me fine...smile.
Blessings to all...Hope your weekend is wonderfully blessed......Shelley

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