Oct 14, 2011

This and that.........Chit,chat

While at Hobby Lobby recently I found two more little sheep to add to my collection....the two standing. They were in the hobby section with all the other little farm animals. Hobby Lobby always has great sales and these were 30% off so,the price was just a few dollars for the both of them. The little book I have had for a good while. Mary is watching over my little lambs....smile.

This magazine rack I think I paid about $1.00 for....it was brown...I spray painted it and distressed it with some steel wool.

Stack of books waiting to be read.....
Most of these books were from a dear reader of my blog....so kind of her to mail them to me.....like I said in my previous post...Amazing friends.

Families are like quilts,lives pieced together, stitched with smiles,colored with memories,and bound by love.
Picked up for about .50...it matches the shower curtain in my bathroom.

Blessings to all of you.... Shelley

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