Oct 10, 2011

Women of Joy in San Antonio.........

The Alamo
I had an awesome time at the Women of Joy Conference in San Antonio. If you are ever able to attend one you will be so blessed. The speakers were very good....Kay Author brought a very timely message about the state of America today...Preaching from Ezekiel Chap 2.

Kay Arthur
 Also,Shari Rose who spoke Sunday morning at the last meeting....so much of her teaching hit home for me and had me a sobbing mess before it was over....it was a cleansing of my soul ....letting go of a lot of emotional baggage I had been carrying for too long.

Sheri Rose Shepherd

The singing and worship was so very uplifting,led by Charles Billingsley then on Saturday night there was a concert by Michael W. Smith which was wonderful...

I was able to go in ahead of everyone because I have a handicap so,we were blessed to sit on the fifth roll,center stage.

Beautiful Ladies of our church.

My daughter Kathy and I. Regina wasn't able to attend.

Then we ladies did a little visiting downtown SA on Saturday evening after the concert. We ate and then walked down to visit the Alamo.

Our group.
These ladies were so supportive and helpful...had it not have been for their help...I wouldn't have been able to manage the trip. My daughter Kathy pushed me everywhere in that walker you see me sitting in,when I had walked as far as I could. We all had such a good time together bonding as sisters in Christ.
On the streets of San Antonio
Kathy and I
Me reading some History of the Alamo.

I have  lived in Texas all my life...born and raised here but,this was my first time seeing the Alamo. It was much smaller than what I imagined. We were not able to go inside as it was past hours. But,it was interesting to walk the grounds and read the history. It is about a six hour drive from my home to SA. Texas is so big one can live here and still so much of it will never be seen,unless you do a lot of traveling...smile. I don't!

I  hope your weekend was wonderful too...blessings

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