Oct 6, 2011

My Daughter The Knitter....

My beautiful daughter,Regina.

This is my eldest daughter Regina...she is also my neighbor daughter,living just down the driveway from me...She is now my daughter The Knitter....Go visit her blog Life at our Little Homestead here and see the progress she is making. You will enjoy your visit with her...She is a lot like her mama in so many ways.

I am a bit under the weather with flu like symptoms....I have plans to leave in the morning with some ladies in our church for a Women of Joy conference. My daughter Kathy,the Nurse, came by last evening and brought me some meds and orange juice....I will be resting as much as I can today and hopefully by morning I will be feeling up for the trip to San Antonio. There will be a live concert with Michael W. Smith on Saturday...he sings one of my favorite songs,Above All.....if you have never heard it before...its a beautiful song and I believe written under the anointing of God. It will bless you.
I will be back with lots to tell you about our trip in a few days....Blessings,Shelley

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