Nov 14, 2011

Dolls and things..........

Today I want to share another one of my dolls with you all. I know I have shown her before at some point But,I think she is worthy of another time
She is made by the Vogue Doll Co. and is a design by Eloise Wilkin.  I believe her to be Baby Too Dear....meaning she would be Baby dear at the age of two. Her hair may have been cut at some point because I have seen other dolls like this with longer hair. Eloise Wilkin is my very favorite illustrator of Children's books. Her drawings always remind me of my children when they were little. I so enjoyed reading her books to my little ones. I still have those books pack away for safe keeping. Awe

My Jalyn with Baby Dear back in 2007. I sold this doll on ebay.
Baby Dear as an infant.
From google images. Baby Dear.

So sweet...from google images as well.

I found this very informative post from another blog while browsing google images on Eloise Wilkin.
She post some very sweet images from Mrs.Wilkin's illustrations if you would like to visit just click the link.

Eloise Wilkin.
I pray your week is blessed...I may not post as much this week as usual as I have some craft projects to work on for our upcoming holiday bazaar at church. I am still trying to work on my handmade Christmas gifts as well...and I am running out of time but,trying not to let it stress me.....I don't like the idea of being stressed and in a panic about Christmas...I am trying to stay focused on the "REASON FOR THE SEASON"....and have a wonderful joyful blessed celebration of our dear Saviors birth. Also,remembering to be ever so grateful for all his many blessings to me around this Thanksgiving holiday.

Blessings to all

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