Nov 16, 2011

Outing with a friend and a few finds.

Morning Outing by,Pat Buckley Moss.

I am sitting here this morning on the computer having coffee and shortbread cookies...looking around at all the stuff ...I had my twin grandsons go up to the storage and pull out every last tub filled with Christmas decorations and the like. It was rather overwhelming for me as they brought down tub after tub....I had six to eight...didn't count them. Some of you may have way more and that may not seem like a lot to you but,to is a I opened every tub and went through each one....I sorted,some to keep,some to go,and then left out the tubs that I will be using for decorating for Christmas. The point I am coming that I am still feeling the need to weed. Get rid of....and yet,I still love going treasure hunting in the thrift stores...which is exactly what I did yesterday...I had an outing of my own with my friend Betty. I have however become so more disciplined as to what I buy.....even if I didn't make one purchase..I would still love going just for the look-see. We also did just a bit of grocery shopping and after getting home last evening...I was worn out and basically left bags sitting here and there. Now,I am trying to work all the kinks out of my body so I can get some housekeeping done. Story of my to It is raining softly this morning(a wonderful thing) so my plan is the light a candle or some Christmas music and straighten my house up...get things in a more organized manner so I can feel at ease. I look around and see I am going to need to pack things away and make room for the decorations....I don't plan to do near as much as I usually do though...still trying to keep it simple. But,I have so little room is going to take some moving of this and that to get things as I want them. I am sure when all is said and done I will be comfortable and then can sit back enjoy the things I choose to decorate with and work on those handmade gifts. Now,I got that all off my I feel Thanks for putting up with me. Oh,and I did bring home just a few things from my outing yesterday but,during that sorting process I gave one whole tub to my daughter Kathy...Regina came up and picked some things for herself and I also have a whole tub of things that I am donating to our Christmas Bazaar at the church on Saturday. So,I did really good... I think! 

And here are my finds from yesterday....nothing you see was over $1.00.....
Its going to be a Country Prim Christmas in my home this year.... feels very right to me.

The sweet teddy bear is from the 1980's...fully jointed. Little black tins for candles or whatever.

And I love this framed cross stitch piece...WELCOME. You are always welcomed here at Simply Shelley's.

 It was fun to out and about for a change...I am home so much these days which I don't mind one bit either....Home is a nice place to be and if one has a home ..that is something to be so thankful for. Don't you agree?

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