Nov 30, 2011

For unto us.........

OK,I am having to much fun sharing my decorating with you all...but,I can't help myself...I am feeling such joy in celebrating our dear Savior's birth.....not the shopping,little of that,not the hustle and bustle of it all,not even the lights and all the glint and glamour of it...just the soft glow of twinkling lights on the humble Christmas tree,candles lit,soft Christmas hymns playing and the mesmerizing wonder of Jesus, his virgin birth,his life and crucifixion and then rising to eternal life,his and ours (those who trust him), his perfect sacrifice for all mankind.  The wonder of wonders. We,the redeemed,are the ones who truly celebrate everyone else..its just another holiday.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:12

I took the advice of one of my readers and changed out the candy striped material tucked in the little crib and traded it for this white damask table cover. I think I like this better. Sorry my little chocolate Santa has his back to That's a sweet stuffed kitty behind him.

 I am off to a doctor's appointment this afternoon...not my favorite thing to do...for sure. Blessings on your day,Shelley

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