Dec 1, 2011

Little Black Sheep.....

Do you ever feel like a black sheep?(picture above) Not in a bad way but,just different from everybody else in the crowd. I do and I have for most of my life....Why,you may ask...I don't really know....I have just been different....I am different in personality and every other way from my own siblings....there are four years between my sister and I but,we have never been close which is sad to me...but we are different. As day and night almost...we love each other very much but,have none of the same interests. I never fit in at school either.....I was always the new kid and did make a few friends but,still I was different....and today,I still feel that way so very much. I am not comfortable in crowds....I am fine with people I know and love but,strangers are not so easy for me...I am always friendly and quick to say Hello...How are you? Etc....but,still I feel uncomfortable. I know I have issues and I pray and talk to God about them often...I have gotten much better over the past few years...if you notice I have been at least sharing more pictures of myself which was once a BIG no- no to me. I am growing and for that I am grateful. Anyway,this blog has been such a blessing and release for girls mean more than you will ever know....I feel so much better knowing you are all out visit me and I too love visiting you. All are friends and kind souls but,some of you have become true kindred spirits. So,I just want to say Thank you...again. To all of you who visit,read and comment . Now,for a few more pictures.....I hope I haven't repeated any of

Old Christmas cards.
Simple Handmade Nativity. 

I have been enjoying looking through some of my Christmas books.Most all of them were found in thrift stores.

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