Nov 7, 2011

I am thankful for Family.

Thanksgiving Day 1987.
I am thankful for our it was then and tis wasn't and isn't perfect...but,God was always and will always be with us . Could I ask anymore? In the first picture...our family lived in a little house in the piney woods of East Texas....We were poor but,yet so... rich. The basket on the table is of fresh greenery,pine cones etc. I gathered from the woods around our home that very morning. Still remember it like it was yesterday. I thank God for the gift of memory......I try to remember the good over the bad but,count all a blessing as we were shaped and molded through every one by the hands of the great potter.
He continues to shape us each day into what we ought'a be!

I am very thankful for my family that love the Lord and that we have the privilege to worship together on the Lord's day each week.
Me and some of my brood.
My grands Colton and Vivian.

Mother and son...sharing a train ride.

Mama and I at the Family Reunion on Saturday.
Mama,daddy my brother Paul and I.

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