Nov 8, 2011

Old lace,a vignette and I am a bad Dolly mama.....

From the pages of The Country House Catalog..Christmas 2011
 Sometimes when I browse through a wonderful catalog such as The Country House...I see so many lovely vignettes and get the urge to want to buy.....instead,I look around my home and find I have some of the same things,then try to make my own similar vignette with the things I already have here at home. When I saw this one above I thought it was just so nice. So,I have tried to recreate one similar.

I switched up blocks in a little metal wire cage for Dominoes in a box,a little bee hive tea set for the china and an antique picture of a baby sitting in a little chair for the silhouette of the children....I still like the one from the catalog better but,I think mine is nice too and I have it without being out more money...which is a good thing when one doesn't have a lot to start

I also wanted to share these very old lace curtains. I have had them for a very long time packed away ...I even tried selling them at one point but,with no luck so,I hung on to them.....I pulled them out yesterday and hung them. Now,I will enjoy them for a while. One thing so neat about them is that they are handmade....not sure of the correct age of them but,very old for sure.

They are very delicate 

One more little story for you...this baby doll is one that I thought I would give up while weeding through all my stuff last Spring....she went through a sale and didn't get a taker. We left out our stuff on tables,covered up thinking we would have another sale adding more stuff at a later date. The weather got to hot and it never happened...the stuffed stayed out there(I am ashamed to say )for quite a while. Along the way someone, probably one of the boys,decided this baby no longer needed her it went and was thrown across the yard..Well,my heart couldn't take it...I had to collect her head and body and bring her back indoors where it is She has had a nice soaking bleach bath for now and will get clothes next.What an ordeal she had to endure...I am not a very good Dolly Mama! For Shame on me............

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