Nov 21, 2011

Picnic in the Park.......

I wanted to share our latest picnic with you all...this time I was the host and I made it very simple. I did lunch bags with fancy bottled water and the works. It was all stuff I picked up at the grocery store. It was a bit of a "Literary Picnic" ...I brought books to share as did Betty! Betty's daughter and DIL joined us again. I shared some scripture and Jamie(Betty's DIL) read some scripture as well. Then Betty shared her book with us. I thought it was a wonderful day. I love the fact that even grown ups used to read aloud to one another's a comforting thing for me. These days T.V.'s and so many other technical gadgets take the place of such times.
I long for the more simpler ways and strive to acquire them.

From the Children's book ..A Day in the Country.

Our Day in the Park...........
Betty and I

You can see just a wee bit of a Mary Engelbreit book "Don't Look Back" It's a favorite little book of mine ...given to me at a most appropriate time in my life by a very dear friend,Jackie(Once upon a Fairyland)...I read it over and over. Thank you again for my little book of blessings my sweet friend.

Here are Heather and Jamie's bags..I'm sorry I didn't share their picture...I didn't ask
 They are both very pretty young women though...truly. These girls have decided that they want to host a picnic for Betty and I...
I can't wait to see what they come up with.
Blessings to all,Shelley

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