Nov 26, 2011

Tree's up.........

It's beginning to look just a bit like Christmas in my home. I had left out two tubs of decorations to put out for Christmas but,yesterday I went through those two tubs and packed another whole tub of stuffed away to be put back into storage. The tree is up with the help of my grandson Austin. Has the lights on it but,not the ornaments...those will come today,hopefully :)
I put the tree in this old doll crib for a base but,am not sure if I am liking it or not. I will live with it a bit longer today and see how it goes! I have a collection of vintage rubber faced Santa dolls but,just kept this one out to display this year. He is sweet and simple,don't ya think?

What do you think about this idea?

Hum,I am just not sure about it!

Maybe I will leave it,we'll see...
It's dark,rainy and cool this morning...temps are dropping for tonight.A good day to stay in,listen to Christmas music and enjoy some more decorating. Yesterday I had very little energy..maybe today will be better.

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