Dec 8, 2011

Best Friends make the "Best Gifts"

A true friend is a wonderful gift indeed.....I am blessed with many thankful for each one!
But,some become more than just friends...some become kindred share many things in understand one another and except one another for who you are. You listen and encourage,inspire one another to go on,even in the most difficult of times. Out of my many friends there are a few whom fit this bill in my mind. My friend Betty is one of these kindred spirits......We knew of one another for a good while and crossed paths from time to time in our daily lives but,never became true friends until about five years ago...I had a little shop here in town and she loved coming there to look and shop because much of what I had for sale there were the same kind of things she likes and collects. We began to talk and visit when she would come in and bonded to what has become a true friendship. At the time she didn't have transportation and I began picking her up when I would go into town for shopping,etc. Now,the shoe is on the other foot and I am the one without transportation and she is returning the favor :)
We have so much fun on our outings together! You already know about our picnics as I have shared them here on my blog with all of you. So,today on my blog....I am featuring my dear friend Betty......I just had to show you all this very sweet picture of Betty as a baby with her parents on a Christmas day...long ago.

 Isn't it a wonderful picture? She tells me she remembers that little cape she is wearing and it was red. She has a memory like you wouldn't believe and has shared so many stories of her childhood with me. Lots of very good memories...what a treasure! And what a treasure of a friend Betty is to me! Blessings to all

Betty and I at our most recent "Picnic in the Park"

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