Dec 20, 2011

Five day till Christmas....when all through the house.

Five days till Christmas when all through the house...the greenery was strewn all about....there were berries in colors of red and blue.....Oh,and the greenery...there was Ceder and Holly..just to name a few. All ready and waiting for loved ones to come and view. All these are gifts from God's bountiful source ...waiting to grace your home this Christmas morn. Blue for the royalties Christ left for the blood he shed in love. Green for life everlasting he brought....Our souls pass to heaven..was the plan that he wrought. Pine cones are prickly, like the thorns that marred his head....Oh,to think the path for our souls he did tread.
All these things remind me of God's love for all mankind...God gave his only son,send from Heaven... Alure...long ago on that very first Christmas morn.

Painted Santa rock.

Christmas blessings to all....

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