Dec 14, 2011

Home is..............

This was a gift from a dear kitchen is home is small. I live in a older mobile home(1969 Town and Country) some of you know that already as I have mentioned it in the past. It isn't in that good of shape and I keep making a joke that one day the walls are going to collapse around me :) I do pray that truly never happens but,there is just so much one can do to an old place after years of fixing up and repairing. Then of course there isn't funds for repairs any longer...but,still I am thankful for this humble abode...the roof doesn't leak,the walls keep the cold out and the heat from the propane stove in. I have a nice bed to lie down in and rest at night,food on my table my opinion...Yes,life is good and home is a comfort! I know my home will accommodate me just fine until the good Lord sees fit to move me elsewhere. I am still on a list(two years next July)for goverment assisted housing....the nice apartment I got excited about and now have just put in God's hands...his timing isn't mine. He knows what is the right time for my move.  And if there will even be a move :) When we first moved into this mobile home we gave it an overhaul,so to speak,...I asked the Lord to let this house hold up and keep a home for my family for the next ten years. Well,that has been 20 years ago. I cannot complain...God has gone above and beyond what I asked him. Everyone else has moved on and now I alone am left and still this home shelters me.....Thank you Father for the shelter and warmth of my home.

My little kitchen in early morning lamplight.

The drop leaf table was once my grandmothers.

Quilt piece someone started and I came across at a thrift store....I need to put a backing on it and hem it for a nice table runner.

I love using lamplight and light from candles in my home....

Beeswax candle.
This small shelf wasn't always used to be yellow and sat in my children's room when they were stored all of their childhood books and other treasures as well. I still have some of those books put away. I gave this shelf to my oldest daughter and she used it in her twins room for years...she recently didn't have use for it anymore so it made a circle and came back to me :)

The Creamer and Sugar set on the top is a recent surprise gift I received in the mail from a sweet blog friend.
It was a very nice surprise indeed!

I am sure I have told you before but,in case...I love coming to your blog and visiting in your home...Yes,some of your homes are bigger and much nicer than mine and that is very OK....I love seeing your homes and how you decorate,etc.I don't wish to have what you have..Nor,do I feel envious...I am so happy for how the Lord blesses you and also very happy for how he chooses to bless me as well.
My home is quaint and decorated quite simply but,then,am 

Home is...truly what we make it to matter how grand or humble...there is no place like home. Do you agree? 
Many blessings to all....

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