Dec 16, 2011

My "Blue" Christmas gift......

Is this not the sweetest Teddy you have ever seen? OK, I know you Teddy Bear fans have your own special bear and yours must be the cutest ever to you but,Blue comes very close...right? While out and about with my friend....we stopped in the Hospice thrift shop and to our surprise it was 50% off day...they do that randomly from time to time. I asked to see Blue and a couple of other teddies that were behind the counter(that's where they keep all the special stuff) smile. The other two I  could resist but,Blue was a keeper and for $2.50. How do I know her name is Blue.....Well,let me tell you...she still wears her makers tag stating her name is Blue and she was born on 7-23-07 and created by Bear artist Tammy Hendricks. On the back of her tag was the scripture
For our Lord God Almighty reigns Rev. 19:6

It even has a link to Tammy's website  here 

Anyway,I consider Blue a treasure find and a special Christmas gift from above.....Does that seem silly...maybe to some but,I don't see myself ever being able to afford a handmade artist Teddy Bear as they are usually quite expensive.... so,to me she was a gift. And a very nice

Have you ever came upon a true treasure find at a thrift store? If so,I would love to hear your story.

Blessings to all,Shelley

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