Dec 4, 2011

A most Pleasant Lord's Day...........

Yesterday was full and started out the same way...up early to cook a cake for our Christmas fellowship after this mornings service. Which by the way was a traditional "Texas BBQ"...with smoked briskets,link sausage,potato salad,baked beans and the works. Plus lots of deserts. All the meat was prepared by my son in law Justin....whom is a great cook. It was a wonderful meal and a great time of fellowship! But,not till after a great Sunday morning worship and preaching of God's word. Must take care of the spiritual man first ...right?

Our future worship leaders. My grandbaby Jaxon on the far right.

Our Pastor recently shared a story about a man who had gotten saved...when being visited later by the man of God...he was asked how his Christian walk was coming along...he responded by saying...Well,it's kinda like two dogs fighting.....a part of me(spiritual man) is trying so hard to be like Jesus,to please him in all I do ...but,the other part of me(fleshly man)wants to fight to keep me on a path I don't want to follow.....Then being asked ..So which dog is wining the fight? The man replied...the one I feed the most! There is much truth in that story......We are in a constant battle ...but,when we stay in the word of God...praying always,listening always to obey the Commander in Chief of our soul,Jesus.....He will not lead us astray...he keeps us on the straight and narrow....he has already fought the battle for us....and ultimately leads us into life everlasting.

It is cooler and raining here today and is quickly passing to night fall...I will be settling down for the rest of the evening with a lap full of crochet...Its been a good week...tomorrow begins yet another ....drawing ever nigh unto Christmas day...enjoy each day and count yourself worthy of a most blessed life indeed!

God is good...All the time.

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