Jan 23, 2012

Random pictures.......

How was your weekend? I had a wonderful one with a visit to my parents on Saturday and a blessed Lord's day yesterday. We had a visiting preacher and did he ever preach the truth. You won't hear many sermons like his in this day and time but,I for one appreciated his obedience to God very much. Some of the things he preached on were the very things God has been speaking to me about for months now.
It was so great to get some confirmation on how I am being directed by the Holy Spirit. 

I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful week and share some random pictures with you from my home. The picture above is of a sweet angel my grandson Austin gave me yesterday. All the other things have been around for a while and managed to stay through all my weeding process....smile

Remember Timmy...my antique teddy I purchased from one of my favorite thrift stores for 1.00?

Frank and Bell...distant relatives of my children from their fathers side of the family.

The flicker candle project...all done.

Blessings to all.................

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