Jan 21, 2012

Tasha Tudor Museum

Got this in the mailbox today. I wasn't expecting it so,it was a great surprise...I admire Tasha Tudor's lifestyle so much...and it lives on in some of her children,grandchildren and so many other admirers. Her life was very unique and special. I would love to one day be able to visit the Tasha Tudor Museum.
But,for now this wonderful little newsletter will do to suit my fancy.

I knew very little of Tasha until just a few years before her passing. I must of read some of her books as a child though because her illustrations are very familiar to me.

I am guessing the reason I received this newsletter is because I have ordered from the Tasha Tudor website before ...Some sweet little refrigerator magnets for my daughter Regina's last birthday...I shared them in a post that you may recall. They made a real sweet gift and she just loved them.
Who wouldn't love anything Tasha Tudor? 

I also wanted to share this picture of my son and his horse. He loaded him up this morning and we went for a visit to my parents home. This horse does some fancy stepping and my mama and daddy had a time watching him put on a show for us... my brother and his family were there visiting too and the kids got a ride with my son leading the horse. Its been a good day...I hope yours was too...Blessings

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