Jan 30, 2012

Still on the path to less is more......

I started off this post in mind to show you pictures of the multitude of STUFF I have weeded over the last year but,it seems that I deleted most or actually all of the pictures of that stuff. Guess,I truly wanted to be rid of it. I do know this picture below was a beginning...I filled up tub fulls from inside the house....cleared a whole shed of boxes and more tubs of stuff. And some things I simply packed away because I wasn't ready to release those..."some things" :)
But,now I feel like I am ready.  So,I will be sorting through those tubs soon. I make it sounds as though I am a true hoarder but,truly that isn't the case....as I don't even come close to what the picture above depicts but,I do feel like what that picture depicts at times. Like the stuff I do possess is trying to possess me. Possess  my time,my energy(which is very little). So,usually I just turn my head and say.. I will find some time to deal with that pile tomorrow. Most of the pile ends up in my bedroom which is the last place I truly want or need it. Because as I have stated before that one room is to be my resting place,my sanctuary (so the speak).
A place to rest my body and mind,to communicate with my Heavenly Father. To read and study his word. A library to read my favorite books and magazines. I will continue to do my best to make it so. So,I begin again,a fresh on the weeding process...this time trying to remember to record in pictures so,I can share just how serious I am...smile.

Speaking of Bedrooms...I think I could feel pretty much at home and at peace really well in any of these choices from Google images.

This one is actually from a post here at Mica's blog..The Child's Paper.

I think this might be my favorite...Its eclectic..kinda like me.

Joining a number of different styles until you get the feeling it  just fits.
Some of you have chosen words to guide you through this new year.If I were to do that,
I am feeling the word would be 
Simplicity,absence of luxury, pretentiousness, ornament, etc.;plainness: a life of simplicity. 

To be continued...Blessings


Cheryl said...

Shelley, you are an inspiration to me! I am probably the queen of clutter. I really need to get rid of stuff.

Thank you for sharing this!
Take care.

DollZandThingZ said...

Seems like we are all clutter types here! I constantly down size but never enough. Our home is teeny tiny and we both love old stuff! So, we have to follow the rule, whatever we bring in, a similar item goes out. I love the bedrooms you showed but I doubt very seriously I will have one! We love to have our possessions around us...they are not really valuable...but they are to us!

Sharon said...

Hi Shelley - I'm so glad you came into my life here. The pictures of the bedrooms you posted are just exactly what I want, too. I love them all. We have a water bed that my husband is just not going to part with. However, our guest bed is an old black iron bed that has been in his family for three generations now. Thanks for the post!

David Edward said...

Best wishes and prayers for your continued path toward freedom and lightness in the spirit of God.

saw your comment on Amrita's blog.
God bless you

marie said...

I love that last photo too....a little bit of every style.

Sounds like you get rid of things like I do...some goes right away, some I keep and re-visit later. It takes time to let go of things that have eant so much for so long. You, dear Shelley, are doing fantastic on the path to less is more!