Feb 28, 2012

Our Story.......his story.

Mother and Son

My son Johnny....Our story begins with me coming home one day many years ago and finding my niece sitting in my yard with a box of old clothes and her two precious baby boys. She said her boyfriend had kicked her out and she had no where else to go.....she was a teenager,on drugs and alone. I took her in and felt like I did my very best at trying to help her get her life straight...helped her find a job,got her into church and counseling but,nothing worked out!She eventually left but,left her baby boy behind for me to care for. She signed all rights over to me to raise him as my own. His brother went to another family member to raise.
I was overjoyed to pour myself into this beautiful child. He was just under a year old when he came to me ...I taught him to walk,talk and everything else mothers teach their precious babies. I am proud of the man he has become. There were challenges to be certain in raising him,just as there are with all children but,the blessings so outweighed all the challenges. I am thankful to have had the privilege to invest my love,sweat and tears into his life. In every sense of the word...I am his mother and he is my son. With all that said ...why the reflection on this today? Because this weekend my son is leaving his very small hometown...where he has lived 18 of his 19 years,attending one school and one church all his life, and going off to San Diego to begin his training for the U.S. Marines. This has been his dream since he was about the age of 12...many G.I.Joe's are being left behind to prove it....smile. The ones that survived all the battles,that is!

As all children do...he grew up much to quick.

Until one day..he outgrew me..in height anyway..smile.

He has his dreams.........

He accomplished some goals......

And now he will be leaving and experiencing life in a very big way....Please,pray with me that God be with him every step of this new adventure he is going into. I know in my heart ...he will!



Denise said...

Shelley,How beautiful your story is,so much like My own story of two of my daughters as you might have read several post ago.May The Lord of all keep Him safe and healthy-I know how you must feel.Denise

Marydon said...

Tear filled eyes, Shelley. How blessed you & he both are to have one another. God brings us blessings in many different ways ... you both, the love of one another.

May God hold your son in His precious arms protecting he, & his fellow comrades as they protect us & our nation. God speed.

He's sure a handsome young man. I've had my 2 sons in the USN, it is hard to give them up to a new life.

Have a beautiful day ~

Anonymous said...

He is handsome now, and cute in all the younger pictures! I pray he is safe. He is a fine young man and you are a fine mother! Thank him for his future service to us and our country! love,andrea

glenda... said...

What a beautiful story, Shelley.
I can tell how much you love him...letting them go out into the world is very hard..I know that he will make it.

Diane in the Valley said...

I cried. What a handsome young man. God be with him in bootcamp and beyond.

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful post! What a wonderful story of your love and devotion to your son. That will go along way in his new adventure into the Marines. I am praying that he stays true to the things you have taught him.

I am thinking how hard it will be when my own boys choose to go away for college or military. You must be excited and maybe a little scared at the same time. I know I would be!

I will pray that God be with him always.

Take care, Shelley.

Plynn said...

Change is never easy, but you know the Lord is with you both, preparing for more wonderful things ahead. My prayers are with you both.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Shelley, you are such a wonderful woman with a heart of gold. Your son is so handsome and I am touched to know that he will be serving our country. Will his job be firefighting? My son has a friend who is stationed in San Diego at the base there...also a Marine. God bless each of you and thank him for his service to our country.


yolanda said...

I love it ,I can remember as we knew him then as J.W when we would go see ya'll long ago as a small child so shy he would run in his room and stay a while then he would come out with a toy in his hands.I know you are so proud of him as I have said many times before you have done such an awesome job as a mother raising all your children.I will be sure to keep him in my prayer.God bless you and your beautiful family .

Jacqueline said...

This made me cry. My heart goes out to you. It's a special time, one of those milestone moments in life that you give a gentle nudge and then wish you could take the nudge back.
Blessings, I will keep him always in my prayers. I put a pic on my fridge of the two of you when he was about 7.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

such a blessing for you both. I think many of us share similar stories--bittersweet and poignant. He is lucky to have you in his life.
Prayers go out for his safety and the joys & trials he will experience.

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Shelley - what a beautiful story of love! I'm teary, too. God bless you both.


Faye Henry said...

So dear...

Katie said...

Love your beautiful post Shelley.

marie said...

Oh Shelley....what a sweet story of a mother nad her precious son. What a blessing that He brought the two of you together. It sure sounds like it was a perfect match. I will keep him in my prayers and please thank him for his willingness and desire to serve & protect his country and allof us.

Love the graduation photos!!

Light Cottage said...

Dear Shelley,
What a beautiful gift from God you received that day so many years ago. I will hold your son, and you, in the Light (a Quaker expression for prayer and blessing).
God bless,