Feb 29, 2012

Old school style.....as they say!

First I wanted to say thank you so very much for your kind and endearing comments on my previous post...your words brought me much comfort...truly!
 Now,I wanted to share these very sweet vintage patterns I found at a little shop near my parents home. I love the sweet graphics on them...Oh,how I wish babies were still dressed sweet and delicate...some are but,the majority are not. All to soon babies are dressed like much older children and children are dressing much to adult for their ages.....Makes me sad. Such as the way of world these days....I for one am not to fond of such ways...Makes me yearn for more simpler times. What we wear,how we dress our children...I believe speaks volumes to those around us...Says...I respect myself,I am teaching my children to respect themselves....I am trying to please God in all I do..in my daily living...I am setting an example for the world.
Some may think what you cover your body with makes no difference but,truly it does...so I think!

  Let the children  be children,while they may..For much to soon ,they grow and go their own way. SB

 Train a child in the way he should go:and when he is old,he will not depart from it.Proverbs 22:6

And now for some of today's fashion for babies and children.....such as the times..I suppose! I think I like the old better..but,then that is my own opinion.

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Have a blessed day,Shelley


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I agree! Not enough soft baby clothes today. Some of the clothes are really cute today but don't look like they are for babies or children. Why the rush for looking older? They aren't babies for long. When I was a little girl my favorite dresses were the ones with the sashes you tie in great big bows.

I was looking for a baby sweater for one of my bears and I could not find one anywhere.


Faye Henry said...

Do you know Shelley I find it all so sad.. Why mamas today want their dear little girls exposed to eyes of whoever is beyond me.. I just can't grasp it.. We need to protect our children..
So love all of the old patterns..

janice15 said...

O boy do I agree with this, I remember when my children were little the sweet adorable baby clothes I had...little dresses with ruffle bottoms and handsome little shorts with shirts night gowns you can't even find a nite gown these days..things have changed and I don't like most of the clothing they have for little children...But its all the fast ways of the world and no one see well most specially the younger...it's very sad indeed..thank you for sharing..with love Janice

Heidi said...

I agree Shelley. This is how I dressed my daughter when she was little back in the mid nineties. I actually have a Toodles doll. Maybe one day I can borrow your pattern to make it some clothes. But I need to get to sewing again. I hope if I have any grandkids I am allowed to make them some cute outfits like these.

Jacqueline said...

Well said my friend. Let the children be children for a childhood, not little women with low cut tops and sexy furs and skin tight clothes. Nothing is wrong with little tights and Mary Jane shoes and a nice red wool coat and little hat. Precious is childhood, so many parents rush children at growing up. I'd love to be 10 years old again and wear my leotards to the bus stop, they made my legs so warm. Good memories and this was such a valuable post.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I like the "old fashioned clothes" better. Some of the new-found fashions, especially for young girls, don't make them look like girls. Sigh!

teddy bears said...

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