Mar 26, 2012

Back to Becky's Easter Parade....

Did I mention that Becky is the most wonderful Hostess? Well,she is! She always fixes the sweetest table settings and scrumptious homemade sweets for us when we visit her home. She knows how to make her guest feel so very welcomed and special...she is such a dear,kind lady and friend. I am blessed to know her!

There is that cute little tea cart shown also in my previous post.

I love these little metal flower baskets.
 She has a quite a few of them...she shared with us that they were used in weddings,,once upon a time...a long time ago :)

Little "Chick a' Dee" us a tune..Please.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting Becky with me.....I am hoping to visit her again soon,and I am sure to bring along my camera :) Blessings to all,Shelley

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Jacqueline said...

I love that built in white cabinet! It's always a treat to see her home and how she is decorating.

I got your letter and plan to respond soon. My pleasure to sit down and write you. It's been a wild week, the tables have flipped, Len was blessed with 38 hours next week and the thrift store is teetering on a dangerous edge. Sales are way down and we are in a 911 to save it! Keep praying, God knows the plans he has for us!

Love you, me