Mar 28, 2012

My two Gardeners......

My son and my grandson busy planting tomatoes and hot pepper...hopefully we will have an abundance for salsa. We are a HOT salsa loving family. See the grill there? Thomas built that years ago,a gift for his dad on Father's day. We have enjoyed some wonderful meals from it over the years.

Notice the similarity in the sweet book and the picture below...especially the

My snapdragons are blooming again surviving through the winter from last spring.



Betty said...

I love how you captured the look on the book and the look of you two gardeners in your picture. So cute!

Heidi said...

Very good post Shelley. The book cover and the picture of your son and grandson with dog in the garden do look alot alike. Hugs to you Shelley.

Faye Henry said...

Wow.. we are still early Spring here. Everything was covered in snow yesterday but gone today..
Your gardens look wonderful..
God bless..

Jacqueline said...

Not sure if my comment posted, I guess not.

I was saying that it's really something you have tomatoe plants and flowers that big! I need to move to Texas to get some good spring weather. We still have rain, rain, go away weather! Ick!

Love the two hard working men, putting their farmers hands to work for a harvest to come.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You do have an artistic talent and a great memory. I would still be trying to remember where I saw that picture.
Love the comparison, my sweet friend!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

OH MY! Is that a Golden book? I've never seen that one...what a treasure! Enjoy your happy times with family! ♥