Mar 22, 2012

Cute and whimsy ....

Found this cute ladybug from the Dollar is solar powered. The little bug sways back and forth and the leaves move up and down. Makes me happy just watching it.
Although most of my decor is more Country Prim these days....There is still a bit of cuteness and whimsy around my home....Guess there always will be...for that little girl tuck away

Found little Bonnie Big Eyes(the name I gave her) at our local Charity Shop...I love her big green eyes.



Mara said...

Oh, Bonnie is SO adorable! She looks like she would be soft and squishy - you know, the huggable type. The ladybug is cute too.

I can't believe you found that at your dollar store, and BTW, there is nothing wrong with letting that "little girl" come-out every now and then. :)


Christine said...

Cute and whimsey are GOOD! Loving the ladybug
Best wishes

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Shelley! I have a little girl inside me too. Cute and whimsey suits us. Hope you are having a nice spring! Twyla

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Little Ms. Bonnie does have big beautiful eyes, doesn't she?

I say you should have things in your home surrounding you that you love! :)

I love Dollar Tree too! :)