Mar 20, 2012

Simple Spring Gatherings...

Yes,today is the official first day of Spring. Although it has felt like Spring for over a month here already.
 It's a stormy first day here...lots of good wet rain...with some thunder and lighting as well. There was a lot of stormy weather going on over the map here in Texas overnight...I pray none of it got to bad though.
Speaking of Spring,by this time,I usually have a welcoming Spring wreath hanging upon my door with lots of Spring decorations sitting about here and there in my home. This year I have been less mindful of such things..just doesn't seem all that important. Don't think me a decorating scrooge because,I truly love such things. It's just that as of lately its seems I have been thinking more of my home as more of a place for basic living essentials. You know,a place to eat,sleep,come together with family....a shelter in the sense. Even from the rain that is now falling onto my roof, as I type this post. Saying all that..I still intend to decorated just a bit for Spring and have already brought a little gathering of things together as you can see in the pictures....there may not be much more than what you see here but,if that is the case then,it is enough.
It seems to me the more I seek God,to do his will,the more I become in harmony with his Holy Spirit...the less all these "other things" mean to me. Could I walk away from this stuff and not look back...I hope that I could and if he were to ask me to do so today..I feel I would have no problem in obeying him.
I know God give us all things to enjoy..for our use and benefit while living this life.And truly it isn't ever wrong to own things but,things must never own us. I desire to make my home a welcoming place for friends and family..but,more welcoming in the sense of a friendly face and a joyful heart to greet my guest. Maybe not the finest seat to offer but,cozy enough just the same. If I have nothing but,a cold cup of water to offer them drink,then I offer it with a grateful heart for his provisions. I sometimes start out to type few words,a small share but,often it develops into much more. Such as the case with this post ...I only truly meant to share a few pictures and few words today but,what is said ,is said.
I pray you were somehow blessed by what I leave with you today,Shelley


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I am loving your sweet dollies! They are beautifully prim!
Happy spring, my friend!

Christine said...

Love your dolls and wishing you a blessed spring in His presence!

annie said...

This wasa lovely post! The dolls are precious!

Heidi said...

I love your dolls. You know what? I don't even have any Easter stuff. But I'm guessing it's ok because I've been trying to not fill my house with more and more stuff I do not need. So I guess with not going out and buying Easter de orations to fill my house up with it's ok with me. I always love your post and you are a blessing to me.

Light Cottage said...

Your posts are always a blessing, and your Spring displays are beautiful.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

these are so cute and neat. Happy thursday.

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post Shelley. Blessings.