Mar 10, 2012

Just a Random Treat...indeed!

I will be sharing some of the recipes from this wonderful cookbook in some future posts.

I have a friend ..dear to my heart. Though we have never met in person,we have a strong bond and tie to one another. I call her my sister friend because she is that dear to me. Our relationship began with a copy of Country Decorating Magazine years ago...long before I ever owned a computer.....I found her in the Pen Pal section! Out of the list I read....I picked her to write too as a Pen first pen pal ever! Since then,I have had a few more over the years but,her and I discovered soon enough it was by divine appointment that our lives intertwined. She knows my heart....and I hers. Our interest in vintage dolls and toys is what sparked our friendship but,it went far deeper than that and what is so beautiful is I believe with all my heart...God saw us so far apart but,knew we would need one another....My dear sister friend has been a bright spot in my sometimes very dark world and for that I will always be grateful for Father God for that divine appointment so very many years ago.
Speaking of my sweet friend...this week I received the nicest little package from her. She knows my interest in the Amish Way and send me the cookbook you see above,also these very sweet postcards predicting "Amish Country"..there was a few other nice things as some fun spring stickers,etc....what fun we have had exchanging care packages over the years.
For birthdays,holidays and sometimes...Just because! Just as was this time.

Thank you for this sweet surprise package my dear sister friend....

I have made some wonderful friends in all of you as well......thanks to all my friends for all you do to touch my heart.......Blessings,Shelley


Marydon said...

What a beautiful friend & share, Shelley. I, too, love the Amish & they are so fascinating.

Are yo familiar with the blog ~ A Joyful Chaos ... visit Mary Ann. I adore her & so enjoy her shares.

Have a beautiful PS weekend~

~GIVAWAY ends 3/15~

Kathy said...

Penpals! I had almost forgotten the joy they bring! I had lots of penpals as a young girl and even as a young bride, and met a couple of them. A long letter in the mail is a rarity these days. You are indeed blessed to have this postal friend and what a sweet treat indeed she sent you!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I used to have an Amish cookbook but when I was going through things to downsize I gave it along with other books to Goodwill. I found all of their recipes to be really good.

I have always been interested in the Amish. When my mama was 14 her mama died. Soon after, her Daddy sent her to a Mennonite boarding school along with her best friend. I have been told that the Mennonites were then very similar to the Amish.

Hugs and enjoy those recipes.

Jacqueline said...

That friendship sounds like one made in heaven!

marie said...

What a blessing to have such a very specia friend! It definitely sounds like a friendship put together by the Lord!

I'm looking forward to those recipes.