Mar 9, 2012

The real woman behind the mask.....

My girls.....

We have a new WM's(women's ministry) director at our church...she is a very long time friend of mine and sister in Christ. What a blessing she is to our church... in so many ways! Last night at our monthly meeting she hosted a "Masquerade Party" for was fun and exciting but,the word she brought us later revealed the true meeting behind the mask. We sometimes seemingly hide behind mask..trying to hold back from God those "Secret Places" we rather not allowed him to have access to. When for our own good we should remove our mask,let his light shine through us and bring healing to our troubled souls....Then and only then,can we be true living breathing vessels of God bring glory to God and his kingdom....Being whole to love wholly and freely hidden hypocrisy! I desire to live the be like Christ. I must decrease,so that he can increase in me....When people see me...I so desire that they may see Jesus...his light shining bright and clear through me.

I for one was touched by what my dear sister taught us through God's word....I am truly going to work on letting down some walls,taking off some mask and guards so that I can be all he needs me to be,to work for him and his kingdom here on earth. I don't desire to be a broken vessel and I am tired of letting Satan defeat me by keeping me down and burdened with so great a load of heaviness....As my sister quoted last night....

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-3O

So you too hide behind a mask at times.....its a good question to ask ourselves...don't you think?
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To be very honest with you and myself...sometimes I feel like I hide behind the face of a very old woman...tired and weary of a life of physical and emotional pain....I am told I am not that elderly yet... but,I do feel like I am very old much of the time. Do I desire to feel this way?Of course not,who would?At 52 I should still have much living left to do....I need to change my thought pattern...take off the mask and become what I know in my heart I Christ Jesus. Time to lay aside the burden of this world and take his yoke upon me,today and everyday!


Mara said...

This was a good message. I think all of us have some personal masks that we hide behind. But truly, we can't hide from God, no matter what kind of masks we might try to display on our faces. He knows everything we bury in our hearts.

Amrita said...

This was such an open and honest post Shelly.

I do feel this way. And sometimes hide behind a mask to feel good.

God knows our heart, we cant hide from Him

Shelley said...

So true Ladies..we can't truly hide anything from our Heavenly Father but,we can hide things from one another and from our own shelves at times. He truly knows us better than we know ourselves.

Jacqueline said...

Wonderful message! Yes, I have several masks. I think we hide behind them because we think we can be safe there. A place where people will like us. Having battled approval addiction I've had to deal with my masks.

The interesting thing is when we confess our mask, the mask is taken off. I admire your courage to take off your "senior" mask.

My mask would be one of a professional socialite. People can see beyond our masks that know us, and I'm thankful for that. I have this little girl mask that fits me well and when the world gets too big, I put that mask on. I don't want to grow up, to me, that is way to serious and scary so I hide in my little girl mask, and make sure I have cute shoes to match.

God however smiles down on us and see's it all and understands, his grace, larger than any mask.

Love you, and miss you. Sent you another letter, perhaps you have it by now. Did you get a fun little envelope yet?

marie said...

Dear Shelley...I so appreciate your honesty and desire to share your thoughts and feelings. Your words are such an encouragement to others!

Thank you for that...and also for telling us about this lovely evening. What a great message!