Mar 3, 2012

Kathy's Real Baby.......

The sweet picture above is of my precious grandbaby Vivian ...she is holding her Aunt Ka Ka's baby doll Rachel(given that name by Kathryne),which is a Real Baby created by J.Turner and sold by Hasbro Toy co. in the 1980's. My daughter Kathryne received her as a  present on her birthday. This doll was very popular at the time and quite expensive at $20.00. We lived on a very meager income and couldn't really afford such a gift. But,I so wanted to get this sweet doll for my little girl ,one reason was because the doll resembled my daughter with her big blue eyes and blond hair. When my mother found out our dilemma she so graciously offered to help out and go in half with us so,Kathryne got her Real Baby for her 9th birthday.
And she still has her after all these years...her own girls have played with this doll and now her sweet niece Vivian has too. And she just so happens to resemble our little Vivi as well. Don't you think?

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Jacqueline said...

My goodness, yes! What a sweet and special story. The other day Kara told me for the first time that I better not sell my original dolls because of course she wants them! Music to my ears!

Today, her wedding dress has come in and we are off to the fitting before I head to work. I can only imagine how special this morning will be!

Just what I needed, a bright spot to start the day.

marie said...

I remember the Real Baby doll...a friend of my daughter - Kathryn - had one. Years ago it seems! They were very lifelike, even to the weight I think. The doll definitely resembles Vivian. Both are adorable!

DollZandThingZ said...

That is a wonderful photo! They do look alike! How cute and special!

Kathy said...

Oh my! The doll and Vivian look so much alike! How sweet that the doll is being enjoyed by another generation!