Mar 6, 2012

Miss Bunns...before and after!

 My sweet mama gave me this bunny,(we are always exchanging little thrift store gifts). Being she was all spruced up for Christmas..and being that I like the Primitive Country style...I decided to give her a little makeover and use her for some primitive Spring decorating. This was the simplest project ever most of my projects are...As they say "Simple is Simple Does"...that's me Simply Shelley!

Meet Miss Bunns.
I just gave her a good grunge with a brown dye based ink pad,changed her clothes to some more prim colors then tied her ears up in a blue ribbon...There ya go! You will be seeing more of "Bunns" as my Easter Spring decorating comes along.

My crochet hook is never far

Have you done any simple projects lately? Share if you would like....Blessings,Shelley


marie said...

Miss Bunns looks that little jacket!

I picked up a few things in the $ section at Michaels. I have an old wreath that I want to spruce up for Spring. Hopefully I'll get to it soon.

Hope you're having a wonderful day Shelley!

Hawthorne said...

Aww, Miss Bunns looks lovely. What a pretty dress she wears!

When I've finally managed to get curtain rails and curtains back up my new double-glazed windows, I hope to sew myself another nightdress as mine is being to wear at the back. I have chosen a nice warm jersey fabric which is creamy coloured - with chickens on it!!! Bet no-one else round here will have a nightie with chickens on! ;-)

Blessings x x

annie said...

just so sweet, I like the coat!

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Miss Bunns,

You are such a lucky bunny to have so many different frocks! I think that I like this one the best and the fact that you got a little dirt on you, does you good.

With love and affection,
The girl with the curl~

Denise said...

You are brave Shelley.She looks nice in all her Primitive self.I say brave because I think I would have been scared to ink her up -Well done !-Denise

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I love muslin bunnies. I have a couple of naked ones around here someplace. It makes me want to dress them and maybe tea or coffee stain them.

Your Miss Bunns is looking pretty spiffy in her new clothes.


Kathy said...

I love Miss Bunns' makeover!!